DEF CON Cancellation: Fake News!

There are rumors that DEF CON is canceled. This is wholly and unequivocally false. DEF CON is still scheduled for August 5-8, and will be held in Las Vegas. Please to not cancel your travel or accommodation plans. DEF CON will not be providing virtual events through Discord, Zoom or other virtual meeting services. Do not register for any online event claiming to be sponsored by or associated with DEF CON. They are phishing attempts.

We are currently facing a barrage of hacking attempts trying to falsely claim that the conference is canceled. This is in perpetuation of a long term "trolling" campaign that has been publicly documented several times. If you check the official DEF CON FAQ you will see that the conference is not canceled. Unfortunately, the media has been duped by this trolling campaign. We are working with them to make corrections but it will take time.

In an effort to bring you the latest and most accurate news please monitor this temporary site for updates while we repair and reinforce our primary site.

The DEF CON staff and I want to assure you that we are committed to holding an in-person conference. So much of the hacker community interaction is virtual it is very important that we have a physical meeting. "A gathering of the clans" if you will.

Hosting a conference the size of DEF CON during a pandemic will be a challenge but one we can overcome. The DEF CON team is committed to providing a safe and healthy conference experience. To that end, a number of health and safety protocols have been developed to reduce your, very, very likely exposure to COVID-19 during your attendance.

Health and Safety Protocols

Face Masks

While their effectiveness has been debated, DEF CON will be requiring all attendees to wear a face mask or covering. Cloth masks are adequate as long as they cover the nose and mouth.

It would be tempting to wear a "Guy Fawkes" mask, but these masks do not provide adequate coverage for either COIVD-19, actual anonymity or any semblance of hacking skills.

Temperature Checks

When entering the convention area, Goons will be administering temperature checks. Attendees with fevers will be turned away. Those with no temperature will be offered body bags. Temperature checks will be administered with "no touch" thermometers or at the Goons' discretion, anally. So be polite!

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the convention space. Due to the difficulty in procuring Purell, hand sanitizers will be filled with Vodka or other high proof spirits. While we encourage regular use, please be considerate of other attendees and don't drink the whole container.

Social Distancing

With thirty thousand attendees, social distancing will be a challenge. In previous years, mobility scooters have been effective tools for social distancing by both out running and running over other attendees. If the rental of a mobility scooter is outside your budget, try stretching out your arms and spinning violently. This will quickly clear your immediate area especially if you are highly intoxicated. We recommend that you practice this "spewing helicopter" move several times at home before your arrive.


Good hygiene has always been encouraged at DEF CON. DEF CON recommends the "3-2-1" rule (at least three hours of sleep, two meals and one shower a day) but this may not be adequate in these challenging times. We encourage additional additional steps to improve personal hygiene. Avoid touching your face, nose and mouth. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or until you experience bleeding. This is not stigmata. It is just your body telling you that you're "clean".

Additional PPE

Masks are required but the use of additional PPE such as shields and gloves may make you feel more at ease. Remember fur suits, gimp suits, inflatable dinosaur costumes, and more can also be effective PPE. We welcome your kinks. We don't judge.

Other Protective Measures

Bathing yourself in the blood of Christ, blowing away the virus with the breath of God or convincing yourself that this is all a liberal hoax may be helpful for some. If you choose these protective measures please self identify so that the rest of us can stay far away from you.


DEF CON villages are fully supporting our efforts for an in-person conference and will be offering some unique COVID-19 related events.

Automotive Village

Automotive Quarantine: Keep yourself quarantined in a vehicle for as long as possible while competitors hack the system. Hot air, cold air, blasting stereo, flashing lights, moving seat. See how long you can stay in this automotive torture chamber. Remember, if you were a medical worker this might be the only way to keep your family safe.

Lock Picking Village

COVID-19 Escape: You are locked in a booth with someone diagnosed with COVID-19! Your challenge is to pick your way out as fast as possible. No PPE allowed!

Bio-Hacking Village

A number of events will be held at the Bio-Hacking village:

Test the Cure: Try you luck with various COVID-19 miracle cures. Garlic, bleach, isopropyl alcohol, holy water, herb mixes, healing crystals and more. It's a double bind test so you never know what you'll get. Survivors will be announced at the closing ceremony.

Emergency PPE Challenge: Imaging you're caught in a Las Vegas COVID-19 hot spot with no PPE. From just Las Vegas street garbage, make your own! Soda bottles, food containers, used condoms, dried vomit and more. All are potential components for your life saving build. Winners will present their designs to local hospitals because it's probably better than what they're getting now.

IoT Village

COVID-19 Contact Tracer: Help develop an Internet connected COVID-19 contact tracing device. A device that can be worn, tightly, around the neck or leg that monitors and tracks human interaction. Remember, privacy and security are not a concern and even accuracy is not required! The winner will receive fast track government funding and a litany of assurances to placate a concerned public.

Social Engineering Village

The WFH Challenge: Test your SE skills. Convince your manager that you need to work form home even after the lock down. Cough, weez, produce falsified documents, present credible witnesses and experts. Reference medical research, productivity research, anything to make sure you don't return to that open office infected cesspool.

Wireless Village

Panel Discussion - 5G Infection: China has over 100,000 5G towers. COIVD-19 started in China. US and UK COIVD-19 hot spots coincide with 5G towers. Coincidence? Hey, we're just normal people like you, we're just brave enough to ask questions. Is 5G causing COVID-19? Probably not. But how do we know? We don't want our friends and neighbors getting COVID-19. So we should be able to ask questions. That's the point, right? Special panelists include Woody Harrelson, Wiz Khalifa, Keri Hilson and Amir Khan. All are esteemed experts in the electromagnetic spectrum and infectious diseases.

We're In This Together

We want all our DEF CON attendees to know that we're in this together. Together we'll beat this. In these challenging times, in these unprecedented times, in times like these, We're thinking of you, your health and your safety.

Together we'll get through this. We may be apart but we're connected, connected together, more than ever. Home, family, friends, loved ones, community, we're here for you and always will be. Since the first DEF CON, for 27 years, we've been there through thick and thin, lending a hand, doing our part, doing what we've always done. We're people. People caring for people who care. Standing with you. You can count on us.

In these troubled times, in these difficult times, in these trying times, in these times of uncertainty, we're apart but come together, to stay close to each other. Distanced but still touching, we will rise above.

And for all the hero's, especially now, right now, today more than ever, we appreciate your sacrifices. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.